December 30, 2014

Maternity and Family Session {Port Coquitlam Maternity Photographer}

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In October I photographed Metie and her family! I did a blend of studio and outdoor photos, which I highly recommend when scheduling your Maternity photos.

With studio photos, I use different lighting techniques which are not always possible when photographing outdoors. For instance, harsh side lighting with a black backdrop (one of my favorite maternity photos to take.) To get this natural type of light when outdoors there has to be so many factors involved: the weather has to be sunny, you have to have the perfect time of day and etc.

If you are looking for artistic bare belly images or shots with less clothing on, in studio shots are good for this as well!

When it comes to the outdoors, there are endless possibilities. Of course, depending on the weather, there are so many possibilities for maternity photos. I really like incorporating mountains, trees, lakes, rivers and oceans into my shots. I grew up in nature to I find that I’m drawn to it when taking photos!

More Christmas photos of this family to come!



2 vert up

Mety Family-14

Mety Family-16

2 vert up_2

2 vert up_1

Mety Family-09

Mety Family-11

Mety Family-26

Mety Family-23

2 vert up_5

Mety Family-28

Mety Family-30

Mety Family-32

Mety Family-34

Mety Family-37

2 vert up_4

Mety Family-46

Mety Family-48

Mety Family-50

Mety Family-54

Mety Family-59

Mety Family-62

Mety Family-64

Mety Family-66

Mety Family-68

Mety Family-70

Mety Family-76

Mety Family-77

Mety Family-79

Mety Family-86

Mety Family-88

Mety Family-90

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