October 20, 2017

SFU and Jericho Beach Engagement Session

SFU and Jericho Beach Engagement Session.

At the beginning of Summer,  I photographed Tabitha and Hanwei’s engagement session. We went to two separate places, on two separate days, to capture the areas they like the most – SFU and the beach.

SFU is a wonderful place to photograph because of all the architectural elements. It is also a lot of beautiful scenery surrounding SFU which we took advantage of as well. Along with SFU we went to Burnaby Mountain Park which is at the bottom of the university.

For the beach photos, we went to Jericho and caught the sunset, which was amazing. Usually, taking photos in Vancouver is a struggle because of all the people but it worked out perfectly. I had to edit out a few people from the photos but was lucky that there wasn’t any huge crowds.

From the time Tabitha and Hanwei emailed me, I knew that it was a match made in heaven. They were literally the nicest couple and I could talk with them for hours. They are both smart, outgoing, positive and funny. I could not have ask for more!

Tabitha and Hanei got married overseas at the beginning of October. I hope they had a blast and congrats to the newlyweds.


SFU and Jericho Beach Engagement Session

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