- Bring a plastic bag for any dirty clothing
- Bring a towel
- Bring snack and food baby likes
- Bring any toys baby responds well to
- To avoid any allergic reactions, please make sure your baby has had the ingredients in a cake prior to the session
- Have music on hand if it gets baby to smile
- Bring a cake if you didn't order one through the photographer. Avoid any super bright colours as it will stain baby’s skin - Do not order a fondant cake as baby will not be able to ‘SMASH’ it. Also, don't bring an ice cream cake as it will melt too fast.  Leave cake out a few hours before session to soften. 

Studio cake smash sessions happen when the baby is 11-12 months old. I can do almost any theme. The Simple Cake Smash session is limited to simple sets only. This usually includes helium balloons and a simple backdrop. Please reach out for more info..
There is the option of adding bath and portraits photos as well. Having a warm bath after the cake smash is always a great way to clean up and babies love playing around in the bubbles. 
I have outfits at my studio that can be used during the session as well. If you want a cake, you can add it on for an additional fee. They start at $35 and go up from there in price. 
If you are interested, I can also make a basic 5 inch cake myself. These are made with a Betty Crocker Cake Mix and icing.. No elaborate details as I'm not a baker. lol. I just charge for the ingredients. 
Outdoor cake smash sessions can happen from June to September. These are limited to certain themes as I can only bring so many props in my vehicle. 

Cake Smash Session 

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