If you are wearing your own clothing for the maternity session, make sure you iron any wrinkles out. Avoid anything with busy patters or large graphic logos. If you are wearing something form fitting, please wear the proper undergarments underneath. 
If you are wearing my dresses, make sure you bring nude coloured undergarments. If you have a strapless bra, bring that as well. For darker dresses, please bring a black bra with darker underwear. It is important to wear the proper foot wear as well. If we are outdoors wear something that you can walk around in. For indoor sessions, no footwear is needed. If you want shoes in the studio photos, bring clean ones as I do not allow outdoor shoes inside. For hair and make up, do whatever reflects you as a person.

I offer studio and outdoor maternity sessions. Studio sessions happen in Clayton Heights, Surrey. They use different backdrops and studio lights. These shoots can be very glamourous or more laid back in style! These sessions require more prep time and editing so there is a price difference compared to outdoor sessions. Outdoor sessions usually occur right before sunset and there are tones of locations to choose from. I have maternity dresses available for sessions. 

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